Windows versus Linux

Just added a 2015 dedicated graphics card to my main pc. I guess you can tell how old my tech is, needed dedicated graphics as the old card was becoming obselete. Moved the old card into the backup server as it was better than it’s onboard! So to the point of this post both pc’s dual boot as the backup server is also a backup windows machine and mine “Still” has windows 7 on it as a failsafe. Which OS spotted the display card change best and updated with the least user interaction? The winner was … well the server OS can’t really take part as it didn’t care! Next best was Linux Mint a quick “update” and that was all done back to original set resolutions and all… quite impressed. Windows didn’t sort drivers and the original manufacturer drivers were dud had to use their alternative ones and several restarts and setting both monitor resolutions before I was back up and running….

Just had the obligatory warning must buy new pc from Microsoft as Windows 7 obselete… The lite version of Windows 10 they offered for free to netbook owners would swap in for these old tech but… Guess the March to Linux rolls on…

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