Windows Fast Start

Windows 10 Fast Start…

Just wasted a chunk of time watching the new “fast start” option on Windows 10 only allow a desktop pc to logout not shutdown and power off. This is and improvement to make the pc faster at start-up which I get, other than leaving a pc on using power for – in my case anything up to a month – probably isn’t ideal. The easiest way to change this is via the group policy editor – hmmm this pc is on Windows 10 Home. OK force the group policy editor onto Home then? or registry edit? well group policy editor on Home would be the better option, big delve into the web and there’s instructions on how to get gpedit.msc onto a Windows 10 home. You can of course remotely edit the policy but why the easy way when you can add a function which really should be there to start with. I get the differences in network capability – that’s the main reason to pay for the extra license – and I actually agree with the two versions and maybe hiding some of the high level management controls but the group policy???? maybe not 🙂

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