Windows 10 update

Windows 10 update between 1909 and 2004 on Home version 64 bit – If you’re totally stuck as I was…..

Having had the update look on several occasions I downloaded the Media Creation Tool and mad a Windows 10 64 bit installer USB. Then you start the offending Windows 10 PC and ask the USB stick to UPGRADE the current PC. This should be plain sailing BUT always backup 1st AND if you dual boot with grub then you need a couple of other bits 1st. Windows 10 seem intent on destroying grub whenever it finds it and this seems no exception! the installer does a reset blows the gurb and then wont boot! So a USB key with Super Grub2 Disk is needed to carry on with the setup (theory you could repair here but I just carried on). Once Windows 10 finishes with all its bits and subsequent upgrades then a Linux install with Boot Repair (I used Linux Mint) to fix the grub install and QED.

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