Window 10 Update Loop

just had the dreaded –

start update – this update requires a restart – the update was unsuccessful removing update – update available installing update loop

on windows 10 version 1909 … I started with removing the update to revert to 1903 but the fixes for 1903 involved the same patches and therefore the same loop!

then downloaded the net framework repair tool for windows 10 (Microsoft) ran this let it fix an issue with net framework – and the updates ran fine – so did the update back to 1909

so normal moral of this story fix the issues you never knew about before upgrading! no sorry check Microsoft for their own fix tools as they do offer repair tools to get you up and running and they’re free 🙂

Unfortunately not the end of this saga 2nd pc stuck in the loop… Used net repair tool and their upgrade repair tool with no luck… Resorted to complete reinstall. Not ideal certainly not if it were a business pc? Cmon lads this needs fixing.

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