Virginmedia SSL failure on certain websites

Ok so here is a wierd one for you … suddenly failes to load? then you find other sites too fail to load – your browser points you to a TLS protocol failure or an SSL failure and the site will not load. All network settings checked – several little tweak issues but nothing of any real importance… Browser security reset…Hosts file checked and still the issue persists. The plot then thickens devices known good on another Virginmedia account fail on this router. Router to modem mode and independant router installed connected via lan and the issue is still there!

Watch your web filter settings! even if you no longer use their software and haven’t for years…their lists on which sites are adult etc still effect your internet. If your desired website is reclassified then hey presto no access….to all intense the SSL fails well that’s what your browser says!

p.s. to first level support just getting to google is not a satisfactory internet package! p.p.s cheers to 2nd support that listened long enough to isolate the issue even if we had to retrace 50% of hmmm already tried that bits QED

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