Stop gap PC arrived

Well I’ve bitten the bullet and bought 2 PC’s. They are HP 6000 Pro Ex-Corporate disposal machines. So a full software install later …. that’s win7 *2 and Debian and Mint Linux *2 plus around 170gig of misc files to be moved around for easier access. So to the long and short none of this directly effects the main server? But we now have an emergency / experimental backup PC that can replicate the server or provide emergency failover support.

Note to self – taking a PC down to chassis , motherboard removed just to straighten a frame rail that’s a bit tight – Not economically viable but… I don’t get paid so… Jack of all trades maybe a little OCD too possibly. Just want the PC to be the best it can be –

Large scale increase in our Banning mechanisms after five strikes in a row by certain IP addresses. Still looking at further improvements. Ever vigilant and always looking to improve our methods of removing the bad boys without punishing normal users. Getting a little too over eager to ban 🙂 especially users that try logging in as admin?


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