Spare time

Well taking this “quiet time” to brush up on CSS. I am no master but always like to dabble as it really neatens html 🙂 actually made a favicon.ico – must be confined!

Wondered through a couple of websites based on css and made them more a clone of each other as they had drifted apart over the last few years. They were my main fluid design concept although they have too many fixed graphics to truly be fluid.

Also tidyed up behind the scenes scripts and security …..

Trudging through server logs – I even cleaned up those that don’t actually get used 🙂 go figure but at least the empty file is now in place should it ever get used!

Oh and the odd bit of woodwork as most places are shut I’ve been making trim from c16 3″ x 2″ ‘s not the best timber but nothing a bit of sanding can’t cure? actually split down 3 * 2.4m lengths into quite a bit of timber of varying sizes.

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