Site Performance

There are a few changes to the site… Not all of them are positive in my opinion but some are necessary for legal reasons.

Google are no longer advertising through this site! Bit of a mutual parting of the waves this one … Their policy changes the European Law changes added to the complete lack of income… Not really worth keeping an add system in place that doesn’t benefit visitors or publishers alike… I am sure that Google won’t miss us as I’ve not generated any traffic for them this year!…as a user experience change this should be a positive.

I’ve been having a tinker under the hood. A few tweaks here ad there which should hopefully speed up the site for larger screens while retaining its ability to remain mobile friendly.

I also managed to test quite a few of the redundancies built in for retrieving the site should the worst occur. In fact I managed to mimic the second worst data loss and recovered from it 🙂

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