Recent Changes

Still fiddling in the background with minor server alterations most of little consequence to end users although a few additions to security which can never hurt 🙂

Please note some of our policies lack final detail – this is normally because we don’t collect the data concerned and therefore although we list a policy it is null. Over the next few days we will endeavour to clear up these files to avoid any confusion – I’ve been editing these with a “strike through” as some will become relevant if other services are reinstated.

There have been a few more changes to this site to reduce data collection where possible. Both our contact and help systems are no longer viable within the GDPR.

I’ve recently added firmer security in a few areas for admin hope you like the changes 🙂 just removed some of my own access to resources to reduce exposure.

Apologies to our hosted sites but due to legal restrictions on logging IP data this has been disabled globally on our servers.[please be aware that you are responsible for your own GDPR compliance].

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