PC or OS fail.

Well just after updating the three OS’s on one pc the board decides to throw a hardware fault. Long story short looks like a component failure on the motherboard….. So what does that mean? One less Windows PC! not due to disliking the new update not even due to it stressing the PC but due to the license…. It’s not financially viable to repair or replace the board and sure isn’t viable to buy a license for Windows for the old HP 8000 pro that will take over it’s task….Well went Ghetto on the test! As the learning curve goes back to basics. I call it ghetto as it’s the PSU 1 stick of primary ram and the CPU only – no case cooler or buttons – started by a screwdriver shorting the power pin headers on the board – Hey presto it starts and runs to the setup screen in the bios. Power off as the CPU has no cooling and build back into the case – plug the power lead in and fans spin up and solid green led and no screen! OK follow the logic through – shorting board or the thing that never fails….. or does it? the power button! – remove and test …. then remove from its mount…. hey presto the smallest bit of dross falls away and the switch goes back to push to make – retest and then replace into the case. Voila re-power the case and total quiet – press the power button and we’re back up and running …. time to rebuild the whole pc! The lesson to be drawn from this whole saga? When you know the Ghetto test is where to start the “it won’t power up” after the obvious have been ruled out don’t skip forward as the least likely can always be true! Anyhow Q.E.D. 🙂 eventually!

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