old tech vs new tech

Well just a joke post really….

When is an update difficult to turn down? dual core to quad core = £9 including postage! Why wouldn’t you? Well it shows the tech that I’m running on but then hey return versus investment – by that measure I’m doing very well. I’m still running a PC that following upgrades is cheaper than a current reclaim with the updated spec – so I guess updating Bios and checking stats for what the box is capable of… Almost worth being a tech?

Quad core finally fitted just doing some soak testing…… Visibly faster really should have performed some speed tests prior to installation, waiting to find an application to load the processor…..

Router failure results in?

secure disposal?

Just installed a new router 🙂 What a nightmare need to buy a couple at a time :- that way I can backup the settings and install in a few seconds rather than spend ages … page by page setting everything up on what is bound to be a different firmware!

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