Microsoft or Linux?

Just had another major rebuild – Windows 7 this time … even with security software a hacker made it through … Nightmare 1/2 gig of files to move through USB darn that’s slow then the joy of over 160 updates … I need to build a patched windows 7 disk ! Linux Mint was dual booted and updated in about 1/3 the time windows took … Please release a roll up update for windows 7 while users still enjoy it ?

Sad to say I had to dedicate three days and six hours trying to solve the latest security update loop for  Windows 10. There is now a helper released by Microsoft designed to solve issues unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I resorted to diving into one of the many independent forums containing many partial solutions. After the Fourth post in having implemented the previous three, the update finally completed.

I have taken the opportunity to dual boot the netbook so it now runs Windows 10 and Linux, I’m still happier on Windows but Linux is faster and less cluttered. The scales seem to be slowly tipping to Linux such a pity I’ve been a Windows fan since 3.11 – yes that long.

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