Dash-cam Problems

Well it goes like this…. Near miss in the car go to review footage and multiple failed write files. OK first thought is the ultra small lithium battery is failing as it’s a few years old. So look into the price of the cell and it’s around £6….But there are better dash-cams for around £9….Well lash out the extra few £ and upgrade.

The new cam starts off OK but after checking it after a couple of days yet more failed writes….This seems odd so I transfer the battery from the new to the old cam….Still failed writes the plot thickens.

I then delve into the Linux test tools and spot the tool for random read and write tests on media….Hmm OK let’s test the memory card, oh fiddle the supposed certified class 10 SD card…1.2 average write speed! Back to basics order new SD card class 10 and test write speed 12.2…. pop it in the new cam with the battery back in place and hey presto it writes properly!

The motto of the story – If you can test the random write and read rates of the memory card check it before the micro tools and soldering iron and new camera are resorted too!

oh well Q.E.D.

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