backup server

Well where do you start –

check the bios … hmmm upgrade the bios to the latest version … notice while moving the unit that it rattles ( metal screw? on casing?).

break down pc to empty shell remove flash PCI door and peal off rear plastics to the case … rotate the case through several angles to present the screw at a point in the case where it can be extracted! notice at the same time part of the metal casing is bent – bend it back!

rebuild the pc but in the process upgrade the processor from a 4300 to an 8400 still nothing special but an improvement (new thermal paste of course).

re-route all cables inside the case through their proper clips.

ok now the OS – resize the OS on the pc to a manageable point.

do a hands on base install of linux …

do a remote install of the server software including several minor alterations learnt from the “wild”.

copy all the users databases and websites and test locally.

clean up all the leads and re-wire the local network and that’s an evenings entertainment!

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