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CaFiBo is a site for my interests – projects and information – the projects include a dedicated server which jointly Hosts a couple of websites.

I’ve decided to Add to my original Woodworking based projects with other content which I find interesting. There are going to be a few IT based additions both information based and even the odd project. I’m also keeping a few Car based items both information and project based as much as reminders to me when I forget them 🙂

Please note the links are to interest websites as well as our hosted sites:-)

Due partly to the welcome changes brought about by the GDPR (less spam) and changes in my personal circumstances, the Hosting operated on the server is run on a non-profit basis. it was also decided not to open this hosting to other businesses. While this  server/s will continue to run for its present users it was felt that at present we remain too small to adequately service additional users.